• Flossing made easy

    Electric flosser that uses sonic vibrations to make flossing as quick, easy and comfortable as brushing your teeth

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  • Hate flossing? So did we.

    Flaus is an electric flosser makes flossing as quick, easy and comfortable as brushing your teeth

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Effortless Flossing

Flaus uses sonic vibrations to move quickly and gently between tight teeth, removing stubborn plaque and debris from places your toothbrush can't access. Designed to reach the nooks and crannies with ease and give your gums to T.L.C they deserve, Flaus does the hard work for you. Click around to learn more.

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Make flossing easy

At 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute, Flaus moves quickly and easily between tight teeth to massage gums and remove plaque and debris from tight spaces your toothbrush can’t reach.

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Lifetime warranty with an active refill plan

Auto-shipping every 3 months on a refill plan

Flaus' revolutionary technology helps to:

Make flossing easy

Comfortably reach your molars and glide between tight teeth

Build healthy habits

Fun, easier experience keeps you motivated to floss

Keep fingers out of mouth

Save your mouth from germs and fingers from pain

Save Time

Floss in under 1 minute (5x faster than traditional floss)

Save money

$99 today can save you $$$ in dental bills later.

Reduce Eco Impact

Now you can put your morals where your mouth is

Did you know?

  • Studies show that only 30% of Americans floss at least once a day and slightly over 32% NEVER floss at all.

  • Nearly half of US adults over 30 have some form of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss, Dementia and heart disease.

  • When choosing between brushing and flossing, dental professionals prioritize flossing.

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How Flaus Works

Flaus uses real dental floss and sonic vibrations with a left-to-right displacement motion to make flossing as quick and easy as brushing your teeth. It's like an electric toothbrush, but for flossing.

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Thousands Of Happy Customers

  • Flaus is more than just a revolutionary tool for flossing to keep my teeth healthier and cleaner than ever before. It's an oral beauty lifestyle.

    Maggie S.

  • As someone who has always hated flossing. Flaus is a total game-changer. I used to be embarrassed to visit the dentist because I didn’t floss regularly. Now I’m confident in my smile and my long-term dental health. Flaus has made it way easier for me to floss and take care of my teeth!

    Colton C.

  • Flossing with Flaus is so much easier and less time-consuming. Electric toothbrush meets floss pick. I'm sold!

    Frannie C.

Toss the floss. It's time to Flaus.

Flossing sucks. There we said it. It’s kind of gross, mostly painful and generally environmentally harmful. It also turns out we’ve been doing it the same way for 200 years, so we thought it was time for a change.


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Legacy Floss

Trusted & Loved

Dentists love Flaus!

“Flossing is critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. Flaus makes flossing easy, cleans great and is gentle on gums. Being a Dentist, I am picky about what I personally use and recommend for my patients - and I love Flaus!"

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Technical FAQ

Everything you need to know about the world's first human-friendly flosser can be found right here.

Let's Flaus

Everything you need to know about the world's first human-friendly flosser can be found right here.