6 Benefits of Flossing for Oral Hygiene

6 Benefits of Flossing for Oral Hygiene

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6 Benefits of Flossing - let's jump in!

But first - let’s play a little game - do you think flossing is:

  • as important as brushing
  • more important than brushing
  • less important than brushing?

Flossing is actually *as* important as brushing (if not more), however the majority of people answering this question think flossing is *less* important! Data from the National Health Nutrition Examination revealed only 30% of adults floss daily, and over 32% NEVER floss at all.😬 Flossing comes with a lot of benefits for your oral health, and your toothbrush and your Flaus (or your floss if you’re old school like that) should really be BFFs to maintain optimum oral health.

Flossing everyday keeps your smile looking great and your mouth fresh, while also protecting your health and helping to fight gum disease! Studies also show that flossing daily decreases your chance of strokes, diabetes and heart disease. Yes, that's right – flossing goes way past your oral health.

Here are six major benefits of flossing daily that will help you become floss-obsessed in no time – and we're sure you'll soon enjoy panic-free visits to the dentist. Let’s go!

Benefit of Flossing #1: Say Goodbye to Plaque

According to the National Institute of Health, your mouth is home to about 700 species of microbes - germs, like bacteria and fungus, lingering in your mouth all day long a 🦠. No matter how well you brush your teeth, only up to 60% of your teeth surfaces are cleaned when you brush, and guess what? Flossing helps clean the remaining 40%!

Flossing helps to remove food debris and bacteria from the areas that brushing cannot access, preventing bacteria build-up from turning into plaque (that sticky coating of yellowish substance that stains and damages your teeth over time). It doesn't take long for plaque to accumulate on your teeth, and when plaque is left unremoved, it can harden into tartar. Daily flossing removes plaque between your teeth and prevents tartar formation at the gum line.

Benefit of Flossing #2: Prevent Gum Disease

What's the most significant cause of gum disease? It's that ugly culprit again – plaque. If you're not flossing everyday - plaque can run rampant and building up, which can cause gum disease.

Gum disease – otherwise known as inflammation and infection of the gums - is when plaque slowly eats away and erodes your soft gum tissue, which can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a very serious gum disease that attacks the tissues that hold your teeth in place, which could ultimately lead to your teeth being wiggly or loose. 

Flossing is the most effective daily deterrent to remove plaque build-up at the base of your teeth – the most vulnerable point of the gums. 

Benefit of Flossing #3: Prevent Cavities and Other (Serious) Diseases

Did you know that your oral health is linked closely to your overall health? If you don't floss your teeth and gums regularly, you risk developing not just cavities – but also risk increasing your chances for other serious health complications. Ready for another flossing fact?

Studies show that flossing can help reduce the risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, and diabetes. How? Let us explain:

Without flossing, the enamel between your teeth becomes susceptible to decay and that can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream. This can cause inflammation, a significant risk factor for these chronic diseases. Once the bacteria enters the bloodstream, it can travel to other parts of your body, including your heart and lungs, which can lead to serious medical conditions.

This is why we always suggest a ‘floss daily’ mantra!

Benefit of Flossing #4: Floss Your Bad Breath Away

Have you noticed people standing farther away from you? Could it be your bad breath? If the above isn’t enough to convince you to floss, then do it for the people around you and floss your bad breath away!

Bad breath, or halitosis, is more common than you think. Ever cupped your hands in front of your mouth and quickly inhaled? We hate to break it to you - but that isn’t necessarily what others are smelling! The easiest way to test your breath is to floss your teeth and inspect - and smell the floss. We think the word you’re looking for is ewwww!

Your teeth, gums, and tongue are the source of the odor - food particles lodged between your teeth builds-up bacteria, which release odoriferous gasses. The byproducts produced by bacteria that live in plaque are responsible for bad breath.

Flossing daily helps to keep that bad breath at bay! 

Benefit of Flossing #5: Save Money

Did you know that flossing can save you money? How? Well, it can help keep those pricey dentist visits to a minimum. As we've mentioned above, not flossing can damage your teeth and gums, leading to cavities, root canals and gum issues.

Fixing the above issues definitely aren’t cheap and walking away from the dentist with a huge dental bill is no fun.

In short, flossing can help you prevent having a… rough… dentist appointment and can save you $$$. Flossing keeps your teeth clean and your gums healthy - so grab that floss (or your Flaus), and keep your smile and wallet happy! 

Benefit of Flossing #6: Keep Your Brain in Tip Top Shape

Flossing will not only boost your oral health, but it can also help protect against cognitive decline.

Recent studies have shown that adults with more tooth loss had a 1.48 times higher risk of cognitive impairment and 1.28 times higher risk of dementia. The study showed that there is a link between oral health and brain health, and that oral inflammation can be connected to brain inflammation and cognitive impairment. It also highlighted that as we age (and if we lose teeth), our ability to consume healthy nutritious food may be impacted - which then also impacts our overall health.

Here at Flaus, our mission is to help people keep their teeth for life - so we’re big fans of flossing - and keeping your body, mind and mouth healthy!


6 Benefits of Flossing are just the tip of the iceberg of all the benefits flossing provides to your overall health. That’s a fact. Yet, many people still don’t incorporate it in their daily oral health routine.

Flossing no longer has to be annoying and fiddly. You don’t have to put your fingers in your mouth and force a string between two teeth with all your might. The world's first electric flosser, Flaus, is revolutionizing oral hygiene like never before.

Recommended by dentists, Flaus has 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute using actual dental floss to quickly remove stubborn plaque and debris. It moves quickly and easily between tight spaces and gets into crevices your toothbrush can't reach. Making it the perfect addition to your daily oral care routine.

Flaus makes flossing as easy as brushing your teeth and means that oral hygiene can be, well, hygienic. No more putting your fingers (and the germs on them) in your mouth. Flossing no longer has to be gross - it can just be an easy part of your morning and night routines!

What's not to love? You'll be so proud of your beautiful, healthy gums, you’ll be smiling ear to ear. Let's get flossing, folks!

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