Floss only the teeth you want to keep.

We all know that not flossing can leave us with bad breath, yellow teeth, painful cavities and high dental bills, but it also leads to gum disease — which can have some scary long-term consequences like tooth loss, Alzheimer's, Dementia, heart disease and oral cancer.

Nearly half of US adults over 30 have some form of gum disease.

Yet only 30% of US adults claim to floss daily.

So, other than avoiding the shame of lying to your dentist, why should you floss daily? It turns out there are a lot of health benefits beyond the keeping your pearly whites pearly white.

Why aren’t people flossing?

Time consuming
Difficult / awkward to do
All of the above
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Real talk: Why should I floss?

Flossing helps get rid of plaque, which is the sticky, colorless bacterial film that can build up on the sides of your teeth.

Too much plaque build-up means you're on your way to tooth decay, which can cause holes (cavities) in a tooth's hard outer layer (the enamel). Left untreated? You might be up for a lot of pain, infection and scary-big dental bills.

TLDR: Ignore plaque at your peril.

As if cavities aren’t bad enough, plaque build-up can also cause gum disease, making your gums sensitive and inflamed. This can lead to bleeding gums, loose teeth and even tooth loss. While early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) is reversible, later-stage gum disease (periodontitis) is not. Nearly half of adults over 30 have some form of gum disease, so start flossing now to save your future teeth.

Good health starts in the mouth, but it doesn’t end there. Oral care contributes to our long-term health and wellbeing, with poor oral health associated with a range of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and oral cancer. The simple act of flossing today can help protect you tomorrow.

Bad breath. No one wants it. But unfortunately it happens when bacteria interacts with residual food particles in the mouth. A simple preventative? Flossing. When you floss, you disrupt the growth of bacteria between the teeth, stimulate blood flow to the gums, and knock loose any food particles stuck between the teeth. More flossing, less bad-breath stress.

We know that oral health is connected to whole body health since your mouth is literally the front door to your entire body. But we’re also learning that oral health is intimately connected to mental health.

The connection between the two is bidirectional: Oral health problems are often exacerbated when a person has mental health needs, and mental health is likely to be made worse by poor oral health. Practicing good oral health habits (like flossing) can lead to reduced stress, anxiety and depression.

So you can add Flaus to your daily meditation practice for peace of mind and gums.

Brushing is essential, but only cleans around 60% of the surface area of your teeth.

That means the gaps, cracks and spaces between your teeth are left uncleaned. For context, that’s like going to the toilet and only wiping your cheeks. Say it with me now — eww.


For the


If you're feeling a bit bleak at this point, don’t despair — Flaus is here to boldly go where no toothbrush has gone before.

Our solution

Dentist Recommended

Our dentists love it and yours will too. Flaus was designed by a team of dental and engineering experts (and people who hated flossing). As a result, dental surgeon Dr Vivian Roknian proudly recommends Flaus.

“Flossing is critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. Flaus makes flossing easy, cleans great and is gentle on gums. Being a Dentist, I am picky about what I personally use and recommend for my patients - and I love Flaus!"

— Dr. Vivian Roknian, DMD
Dentist & Flaus Dental Advisor

10,000 Sonic vibrations

Flaus uses up to 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute to move quickly and gently between tight teeth, removing stubborn plaque and debris where your toothbrush can't. Bonus points — your gums get a nice massage in the process.

Floss in under 90 seconds.

Finger-free flossing

Dental hygiene is supposed to be, well, hygienic. Our premium, ergonomic aluminum handle gives you full control and easy access to your molars while keeping your fingers (and the 10 million bacteria that live on them) out of your mouth.

Recyclable floss heads

Each kit comes with a refill pack of 90 Flaus Heads. Each head is fitted with high-performing "glide floss" and can reduce the average amount of floss per use by up to 95%, making them low-waste, easy-to-replace and recyclable.

1-Month battery life

Our reusable flosser is USB-C chargeable, waterproof and has a 
one-month battery life to boot. It’s as much fun as a rechargeable device can be. Well, almost.

Easy refill plans, delivered

Whether you floss once or twice daily, you can adjust your Flaus Head Refill subscription to suit your routine (once-a-week flossers, we’re looking at you).

Cancel, snooze or change anytime.

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  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design
  • Kind to the planet
  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design
  • Kind to the planet
  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design
  • Kind to the planet