How to Flaus: Quick Start Guide

First thing's first — some anatomy:

Power button:
Press x 1 to turn on your Flaus
Press x 2 to reach the second speed
Press x 3 to reach the third speed
Press x 4 to turn off your Flaus

Power + Speed Indicator Lights: These indicate which power level your Flaus is on (10,000, 14,000 or 18,000 sonic vibrations per minute).

Charging Base: Plug in the charging base to any USB-A outlet or power adapter and place your Flaus in the base to charge:
• Slow flashing = charging
• Solid light = fully charged (light will turn off after two minutes)

Travel Mode: To enter travel mode, hold the power button down for 5-8 seconds (or until you see the bottom lights flash). Your Flaus will now not turn on during transit. To turn off travel mode, repeat the steps above. Once the bottom lights flash, press the power button once again and your Flaus will power up.

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How to Flaus

The best way to get all that gunk out.

With your device turned on, choose your desired speed (10,000, 14,000 or 18,000 sonic vibrations per minute) position the floss between two teeth. Use your opposing teeth on the soft bite pad to gently control the pressure as you floss.

Don’t force it — the sonic vibrations will move the floss through tight spaces. Once there, gently guide the floss against the gum line to remove stubborn plaque — you might actually enjoy the gum massage!

How to apply a fresh Flaus Head

Refill your Flaus Head for freshest flossing.

Grab a fresh Flaus Head from your refill stash. Align the skinny part of the Flaus Head with the open ridge on the back of the neck.

With your index finger and thumb, push the Flaus Head on to the mount. You will feel it click into place — you’re ready to Flaus!

Recycling Your Flaus Heads

We know that not all municipal recycling facilities can recycle floss picks or floss heads - they can be too small and as they are made of mixed materials, aren't always processed properly.

Find out more about recycling your Flaus Heads and how you can get a pre-paid shipping label to send your used Flaus Heads to a dedicated oral care recycling facility.

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