Meet our founders. They hated flossing too.

In a time BF (Before Flaus), Sam and Elli had two things in common. They lied to their dentists and they were desperate for a better way to floss.

They loved their electric toothbrushes and were responsible twice-a-day brushers, but they knew they needed to floss more if they wanted to keep their pearly whites for life.

Flossing was painful, time-consuming, difficult and gross. Why couldn’t it be as quick, easy and comfortable as brushing your teeth?

So, ditching their corporate 9-to-5's to invent a better way to floss, they set their sights on disrupting the flossing world that had been unchanged for more than 200 years.

Meet the Co-founders

Samantha Coxe, Co-Founder & CEO

Elli Hanson, Co-Founder

Future floss feels.

Our Founding Flausers had a dream. So they researched, they strategized. They designed, tested, and designed some more. The result? An oral care brand that actually makes you smile. Go on. Make your dentist proud.

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Doing good is
good business

We're proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation

That means we’re committed to creating the oral care of the future. To doing what we can today for future generations. To designing our business for the circular economy, reducing waste in our manufacturing process, and looking for more ways to upcycle any by-products we create.

Our mission, vision and values.

OUR MISSION: We help people keep their teeth for life by transforming daily routines into delightful rituals.

OUR VISION: We’re here to create an oral beauty platform that inspires self-acceptance and empowers self-expression for real people, real teeth and real smiles.

OUR VALUES: We will never stop imagining a better world and our impact on it. We only have one planet and set of teeth - it's time to look after both.

OUR STRATEGY: We are committed to relentlessly questioning the status quo and creating products inspired by the real people who use them.

OUR TEAM: We are fiercely female founded and women-owned and operated. Every day we continue to build an inclusive culture and brand for our people, our customers, and our partners.

OUR PROMISE: Flaus is a patent-pending electric flosser that uses sonic vibrations and real dental floss to make flossing as quick, easy and comfortable as brushing your teeth.

Gaps, gums, and crooked smiles. We love them all. So go on, show us your #FlausFace.

There’s plenty of floss in the sea.
We’re not here to add ours

Join us on our mission to toss the floss.