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Join the hundreds of dental professionals who believe that Flaus is the floss of the future! Our community of professionals believe in innovation and have a patient first approach. Sound like you?Join us in Flaustopia!

Real Ways We're Changing the Flossing Game (and why your patients will love us)!

With three speeds and up to 18,000 sonic vibrations per minute, Flaus makes flossing easy, gently massages gums and removes plaque and debris.

90% of customers report flossing MORE regularly with Flaus! That's a 90% compliance rate (and a way healthier mouth)!

The ergonomic, lightweight and soft touch design of Flaus, allows you to clean the hardest to reach places - all while keep your fingers (and the 10,000 germs on them) out of your mouth!

Think of Flaus as the electric toothbrush of flossing! The sonic vibrations are such a game changer that we won: TIME Best Inventions 2023, Fast Co. World Changing Ideas 2023, “Best Flosser” by Oprah!

Floss that is shred-resistant and strong enough for the tightest of teeth for a thorough clean!

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How the Professional Program Works:

Nearly half of US adults over 30 have some form of gum disease.Yet only 30% of US adults claim to floss daily. Let's work together to change this statistic! ✨

1. Join our Professional Program!

Click the link below and register for our program! It takes less than 2 minutes (we promise)!

2. Test + Try Flaus

Put us to the test! We'll send you a code to try Flaus for a heavily discounted price - and you try Flaus in the comfort of your own home (or clinic)!

3. Tell us Your Thoughts!

We love feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on your Flausing experience!

4. We Say Thank you + Provide You a Discount!

As a thank you for trying Flaus, we will give you a personal discount code to share with your community!

5. Share with your community!

Know someone who isn't flossing up to your standards? Share your code with them and each time it is used, you earn money!

Join our Professional Program Today!
  • Kind to the planet
  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design
  • Kind to the planet
  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design
  • Kind to the planet
  • Human and Intuitive
  • Revolutionary design