Changing Your Flaus Head

Refill your floss head for the freshest flossing.

Grab a fresh Flaus Head from your refill stash. Align the skinny part of the Flaus Head with the open ridge on the back of the neck.

With your index finger and thumb, push the Flaus Head on to the mount. You will feel it click into place — you’re ready to Flaus!

The Table Top Method.

Nest the curved neck of the flosser into the inner crease of your fingers, with your thumb placed flat across the bite pad. With both arms of the floss head against a flat surface, gently apply downwards pressure through the thumb, and rotate your thumb inwards. The floss head will pop off one side at a time.

Thumb Twist.

Nest the curved neck of the flosser into the inner crease of your fingers and place your thumb on one arm of the Flaus Head. Apply pressure to the arm of the Flaus Head and rotate your thumb outward. The Flaus Head will twist off the neck of your device.

Double Thumbs.

Nest the curved neck of the flosser into the inner crease of your fingers and place your thumbs on both arms of the Flaus Head. Apply pressure to one arm of the Flaus and 'wiggle' the head back and forth until one of the Flaus Head arms twists off the neck of the device.

Pinch Off

Place the inside of your middle and pointer finger on both arms of the Flaus Head. Place your thumb on the back of the Flaus Head and lightly pinch. Apply pressure to one arm of the Flaus Head at a time and twist.

Recycing Your Flaus Heads

We know that not all municipal recycling facilities can recycle floss picks or floss heads - they can be too small and as they are made of mixed materials, aren't always processed properly.

Find out more about recycling your Flaus Heads and how you can get a pre-paid shipping label to send your used Flaus Heads to a dedicated oral care recycling facility.

click below to find out more

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