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Flaus makes flossing as easy as brushing your teeth! No more sticking your fingers in your mouth or not being able to get to those hard to reach places!

The sonic vibrations in Flaus move the floss side-to-side and help to get the floss in and out of tight spaces much faster and easier than traditional floss. Not to mention the left-to-right motion of the head mimics the proper flossing technique!

Not only is Flaus easier than traditional floss, but there are some studies that show electric flossers are superior to traditional floss.

In past clinical trials The American Academy of Periodontology found that an electric flosser "in combination with a manual toothbrush, removed plaque significantly better than the toothbrush alone. Among floss types, there was evidence of superiority for the [electric] flosser."

Studies also found that an electric flosser "removed significantly more interproximal plaque in molar, premolar and anterior teeth compared to manual floss."

The Journal of Clinical Dentistry found that electric flossing "was safe and effective in reducing approximal plaque and gingival inflammation, and provides a useful alternative device for interdental cleaning."

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Bite Pad
Don't forget to use the bite pad! The bite pad (located on the back of the device) helps you move the Flaus Head in and out from between your teeth! Using the bite pad to bring the Flaus Head out from between your teeth helps control the pressure, which also prevents stretching the floss - making those Flaus heads last even longer!

Let the 10,000 sonic vibrations do the work for you when you're getting in-between those tight spaces! Flossing usually requires a bit of force, but Flaus has a more gentle take - be patient and don't force it!

Tight Spots
Do the tight spots last! Everyone's mouth is different, it's totally normal to have tight spots that might break the floss. As you continue to Flaus, you'll learn more about your mouth and learn what works for you!
*Pro-Tip: prolong the life of your Flaus Head and leave those tight spots to last!

Flausing has the same effect as flossing, but it is a bit different and there can be a learning curve! We know that everyone's mouth is different and some teeth will need more TLC than others! We typically see customers become Flausing All Stars after about three weeks of use! So, stick with it! Your future dental bills will thank you!

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