We're swimming with Sharks this week - Watch Flaus Electric Flosser on Shark Tank!

We're swimming with Sharks this week - Watch Flaus Electric Flosser on Shark Tank!

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We've been keeping a SHARK sized secret! 🦈📺 And we're finally ready to share - You can watch Flaus Electric Flosser on Shark Tank this Friday, May 3!

It's true - we're out here in the water hoping for a Shark to take a large bite into oral care! Our mission at Flaus is to help people keep their teeth for life and we're *so* excited to get to share our vision with so many people on Shark Tank.

Believe it or not, we've been manifesting a 'Flaus electric flosser is on Shark Tank' (!!!!) moment from even before Flaus was launched! Our Founder, Samantha Coxe, used to watch Shark Tank growing up and was always inspired by the incredible entrepreneurs and products showcased. So when Sam ditched her 9-5 corporate job as an M&A attorney to create Flaus - Shark Tank was always a goal. So large of a goal in fact, she included it as one of her daily manifestations!

We are so excited to bring flossing innovation + accessibility to the to the sharks! Flaus electric flosser isn't your average flossing tool - which is why we're hoping for a shark bite! With 18,000 sonic vibrations per minute, Flaus helps you get floss between tight teeth, allows you to floss 5x faster and lets you keep your fingers (and their 10,000 germs) out of your mouth!

We're here to make flossing fun and to change flossing from being a dreaded task to a delightful ritual! Here is how Flaus can help you become an A+ flosser:

  • Makes flossing comfier + easier Comfortably reach your molars and glide between tight teeth
  • 5x faster than traditional flossing Floss in under 1 minute and get back time in your day
  • Builds easy, healthy habits (+ gums) Fun, easier experience keeps you motivated to floss
  • Keeping finger germs out of your mouth No more hands in mouth and cutting off finger circulation
  • Reduces your eco impact 95% less floss, made with recyclable plastic and a recycling program
  • Helps to save $$$ on dental bills $99 today can save you thousands on dental bills later

We can't wait to share more of our Shark Tank journey with you all next week! For now, we invite you to join us in our excitement as we scream "Flaus electric flosser is on Shark Tank!' from the rooftops! 

How to Watch Flaus Electric Flosser on Shark Tank

Air Date: Friday, May 3

Air Time: 8:00 PM EST/PST

How to Watch: ABC / Hulu 

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