Is Flaus Eco-Friendly? Let's chat Environmental Impact!

Is Flaus Eco-Friendly? Let's chat Environmental Impact!

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We all want to keep our planet forever and our teeth for life. So, when asked 'Is Flaus Eco-Friendly?' we wanted to be able to answer with confidence 'Yes! Flaus is Eco-Friendly'! Let's explore the current flossing landscape and chat about the eco-friendly options available to us! 

Traditional String Floss' Environmental Impact

Did you know that every piece of dental floss ever used still exists in the world today?! The unfortunate truth is that most floss ends up in landfill — and that’s the best case scenario. When the landfill is the best option, you know you’ve got a big problem. More likely though, it finds its way into our water supplies and eventually the ocean, where it threatens and destroys precious marine life.

The average amount of floss used in a flossing session with traditional string floss is 18 inches - which means if you're flossing daily, you're using 6,205 inches of floss! That's nearly twice the length of a football field and that's a lot of floss to end up in the landfill! 

Floss Picks Environmental Impact

Floss picks help to eliminate string floss waste (typically you only use 1.5 inches of floss per flossing session), but they they add plastic waste. The plastic head + handles of floss picks typically end up being disposed of in landfills - where they take hundreds of years to degrade. 

What Makes Flaus Eco-Friendly?

Here is what we're doing to make Flaus as eco-friendly as possible!

  1. Our Floss Heads
    Each Flaus Head is fitted with high-performing "glide floss" and can reduce the average amount of floss per use by up to 95% (in comparison to traditional string floss). The floss heads are also made from recyclable plastic, and use 30% less plastic than floss picks!
  2. Recycling Program
    Although our floss heads are recyclable - we know that not all municipal recycling facilities can recycle floss heads - they can be too small and as they are made of mixed materials, aren't always processed properly.

    That's why we encourage all customers to gather their used Flaus Heads in a container for recycling and email us at We will send you instructions and a pre-paid shipping label to send your Flaus Heads to a dedicated oral care recycling facility. To find out more about the recycling program - click here!

  3. Our Device
    Did you know soft touch silicone is a robust material that lasts longer than plastic materials? That’s why we are proud to use a soft touch silicone for the body of our Flaus Electric Flosser. It’s not only durable (and feels nice to use) and reusable but it limits our plastic consumption.

  4. Green Shipping
    We're working to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the frequency of shipments and using non-rush shipping. It does mean your delivery will take a little longer but, on average, it'll have a smaller footprint than if you drove to the store or received it by express shipping. The planet will thank you for your patience!

Flaus is a Public Benefit Corporation!

Did you know that Flaus is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)? A PBC is a type of business entity that is legally required to balance its profit-making goals with its broader societal or environmental goals. That means that we are legally obligated to consider our impact on our community, planet and the environment.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are committed to creating the oral care of the future, for the future. Designing our business with the circular economy in mind, we are continually exploring how to best reduce waste in our manufacturing process and ways we can upcycle waste from using our products.

If you have any other questions regarding Flaus and our environmental impact, please reach out to us at!

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