Why are Vibrations Helpful While Flossing?

Why are Vibrations Helpful While Flossing?

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Want to get on our vibe?!

What kind of flosser are you? Do you love traditional string floss? Or floss picks? Or perhaps you're more on the water flosser side of oral care. Given that the flossing industry has remained relatively unchanged for decades - you might be thinking - why are vibrations helpful while flossing? Are they necessary? Will they help my teeth? Let us break down why the vibrations that Flaus has are so helpful!

Why are Vibrations Helpful While Flossing? 

1. Vibrations Help to Stimulate Your Gums

Flaus has 18,000 sonic vibrations per minute that gently stimulate and massage your gums. You might be wondering how important it is for your gums to get that stimulation - and the answer is very! Here are some of the main reasons you want your gums to have a massage (and it's not just so they are relaxed 😉):

  • Improving circulation: Gentle stimulation of the gums increases blood flow to the area, which can promote gum health and healing.
  • Removing plaque: By flossing properly, you're not just removing food particles but also plaque buildup along the gum line. Stimulating the gums helps ensure you're reaching those areas effectively.
  • Preventing gum disease: Stimulation of the gums can decrease inflammation and infection of the gums.
  • Maintaining gum health: Stimulating your gums during flossing can help keep them firm and resilient, reducing the risk of gum recession and other issues associated with poor gum health.

2. Vibrations Help get in Between Tight Teeth

The vibrations in Flaus move in a floss-assist motion. Let's paint a picture. You know those tight spots in your mouth - where your teeth might be extra close together? If you're using traditional string floss - you are probably moving the floss back and forth trying to wiggle it into those tight spots. 

Flaus does all that hard work for you! The vibrations are moving in a floss assist motion and helping to move gently between tight teeth, without you having to do all the hard work!

3. Vibrations Help to Disrupt Bacteria, Biofilm and Left Over Food

  • Loosening debris: Vibrations help to loosen and dislodge food particles and plaque from between the teeth and along the gum line. This makes it easier for the floss to sweep them away.
  • Enhanced cleaning action: The vibrations create additional movement in the floss, increasing its ability to help get those stubborn particles removed from the teeth and gums.
  • Disruption of biofilm: Biofilm, a sticky film of bacteria, can adhere to the teeth and gums. The vibrations from Flaus can disrupt this biofilm, making it easier to remove and reducing the risk of plaque buildup and gum disease.

4. Vibrations Help to Speed Up the Flossing Process

Want to floss faster!? The vibrations in Flaus can help the floss reach into tight spaces and difficult-to-reach areas, meaning you can floss up to 5X faster than with traditional string floss! 

Past Studies Done on Electric Flossers!

In addition to the above, there have also been studies done on electric flossers - see below for their results!

  • The American Academy of Periodontology found that the electric flosser "in combination with a manual toothbrush, removed plaque significantly better than the toothbrush alone. Among floss types, there was evidence of superiority for the [electric] flosser." They also found that the electric flosser "removed significantly more interproximal plaque in molar, premolar and anterior teeth compared to manual floss." 
  • The Journal of Clinical Dentistry found that electric flossing "was safe and effective in reducing interproximal plaque and gingival inflammation, and provides a useful alternative device for interdental cleaning."

Still not sure if Flaus is for you? We offer a 30-day, money back guarantee so that you can try Flaus at home and see if your gums love it as much as we think they will!  

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